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There's no school like the old school.

Sometimes analogue is just better.

After years of backwards and forwards with publishers over what makes a good fitness book, I decided to go it alone and produce not just a book, but a tool.

The exact tool I knew would work for me.

More than just the same set of explosive workouts featured in the digital edition, the EMOM PLAYBOOK: DIARY, equips you with exactly what you need to record, reflect and refine your training.

Each workout has its own full page diary section, meaning you can log your performance and notes each and every time you perform a workout and quickly refer back to your last attempt for information and inspirations, without flicking through pages or scrolling through endless notes documents.

This old school tracking function guarantees you'll know exactly what you need to do to progress, every time you pick the book up.



(Please note this is a limited run, so don't wait! )

'The EMOM Playbook' contains almost one hundred unique workout protocols, of varying lengths, divided into 6 categories (Total Body Training, Upper, Lower, Push, Pull, Engine) for ease of programming, designed to take the guesswork away from your training.

Simply select a workout and you'll know exactly what you have to do, you know exactly how long it is going to take.




No guess work, no 'I think i'm ready to go again', that minute ticks over and the you GO.