Compound/ Carry/ Condition- Programming Guide.

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The 'Compound, Carry, Condition' system you're about to discover is one of the best protocols I've encountered for maximising your training potential, whilst simultaneously being extremely time efficient, simple to utilise and incredibly adaptable to both specific requirements and limitations.

No system is perfect, but by employing the principles in this guide in line with your own goals, you'll find that you are able to invoke physical improvements across a huge spectrum of qualities, in a manner that's economical and in many ways- enjoyable.

This is NOT a programme to follow, or a collection of workouts to try, this is a guide to understanding and creating your own workouts, arguably a far greater tool than a series of training days to run through verbatim.

The purpose of this guide is to break down the system into it's constituent parts before discovering exactly how and when to utilise it, with clear examples and advice on how to adapt the protocols to your personal requirements.