'100+ 15 MINUTE WORKOUTS' E-book

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You’re busy.

I’m busy.

It’s the 21st century, it’s the age of being busy.

So what if you don’t have an hour to workout? You skip your workout altogether? 

If you only train three times per week, that’s a third of your structured fitness down the pan…

So what if instead of trying to ‘find the time’, you found something to fit the time you had?

Would that interest you?

In this guide you'll find well over 100 calorie torching, muscle building, performance enhancing workouts that will take just 15 minutes, from first to last rep, you’re not going to be dancing around in your living room doing high knees and mountain climbers, you’re going to do more in fifteen minutes than the average gym bro does in two hours, and you’re going to do it better.

The workouts are split into five categories, to make scheduling them and  employing them in your arsenal easier (push/pull/lower/upper/total body).

If you have just 15 minutes, this is your Red Pill, have longer? Tack one of these onto the end of your strength workout to leave no stone unturned, they’re all categorised to make them easy for you to add into your own programming, finish your regularly scheduled workout with, or make a full substitution on the days when there just aren’t enough hours. 

If you’re brave, you could do two back to back; you’ll be carved from wood before you know it.

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