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If you're looking to add some timber to your frame, then this is guide is for you.

This isn't a 'hybrid' programme, made up of a majority of strength and conditioning work with some lip service paid to the gods of gains in the form of the odd set of dumbbell curls and lateral raises, oh no.

Based on the knowledge and work of one of the most legendary coaches from the golden age of bodybuilding, brought into modernity.

This is an unabashed, old school bodybuilding programme with some new school tweaks for added functionality and a hint of spice.

I love high intensity, 'functional' training. I do; it's easily in my top 5 things to do.

It can and WILL get you in to incredible shape, but if you're looking at the big names in the arena and the physiques they possess and thinking that the training they do NOW started them on the path to the shape they're in, you may be surprised- many athletes, influencers and generally jacked dudes have a history of at least a few years of bodybuilding training before they ever even heard the word 'AMRAP', this gives them a strong foundation of hypertrophy (muscle growth) which they can now simply maintain and hone in a new world of sleds, ergs, dumbbell snatches and chalk.


And you know what?


Bodybuilding is not a crime.

This is a 5-6 week programme, split into 3 repeated phases, designed to deliver measurable progress across each phase. Within you will also find a selection of high intensity 'grillers' which can be included at the end of any of your sessions for an added conditioning punch.

This programme works perfectly if you have access to a gym, however all of the movements are adaptable and a selection dumbbells and bands or a barbell and bumpers and your own body weight will suffice with the correct substitutions, contact me on Instagram for help in that department.

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